Post-Production: Before and After

My work includes post-production as a critical step in the process. In the film days, post-production included developing negatives, adjusting color and contrast levels, and making other exposure-related changes. Sometimes photographers combined more than one photograph to achieve a better exposure throughout the entire composition. In digital photography, post-production is even more involved and allows us to take greater control over the quality and overall look of the final photograph.



Here are some examples of post-production. The before images show what the photograph looks like straight out of the camera. I frequently combine multiple exposures into the final image, and I’m just showing one of the base exposures for each composition here. The after image shows my final result after post-production.

In some of these cases the change is dramatic. Keep in mind that part of the post-production includes manually blending multiple exposures together, so the result is still a very high quality photograph. I make minimal adjustments to the exposure and contrast in Photoshop. That kind of change can adversely affect the quality of the photograph if taken too far. In the cases where there is a dramatic change in the lighting between the before and after photographs, I achieved that change by blending multiple exposures together, which has no negative effect on quality.