Pricing Information

Please contact me by phone or email for a project estimate.


Pricing Factors

Every project is different, and I estimate each one individually for my clients. Contact me to discuss what kind of photography you need and how the photographs will be used. I’ll send an estimate right over to you.

The following factors determine my pricing:


Creative Fee

The creative fee is the amount I charge for my photography services and includes on-site photography, pre-production, and overhead. The creative fee is based in part on time, but more accurately, it reflects the complexity of the project.

Per Image Digital Production

I charge an additional digital production fee per image selected. After the last shoot day, you will have access to a low-resolution proof gallery where you may select which photographs you want. I will then perform the post-production on those images. The final invoice will reflect the number of images selected and delivered.

Production Costs

Depending on the project, production costs may include special equipment, assistants, cost of permits, catering, travel expenses, and other costs. For many projects the production cost is essentially $0, while for other projects the production costs could be very large. It all depends on the requirements and scope of the project.


My base fees cover licensing for the most common uses, such as web, competition entry, presentations, and print marketing. Depending on how the photographs will be used, I may charge additional licensing fees, for example, for paid advertisement use.


These factors determine the project estimate I provide you. My estimates and invoices are itemized, so you can see exactly where your money is going. To get an estimate for your project, please contact me.

Reducing Costs with Multi-Party Projects

When multiple parties are interested in using photographs of the project, the cost of photography for all interested parties can be reduced through several multi-party project scenarios. I offer different options depending on whether the party has an interest in the entire project and wants to share in the control and direction of the photography, or if they are interested in only a subset of the photographs produced. Even if the party wants only one or two photographs from the final set, involving them in the process as early as possible will allow everyone to benefit the most from the cost savings.

If you believe other parties may be interested in the photographs produced for your project, please let me know when we are discussing the project. Think about contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, consultants, associate architects, and anyone else who had a stake in the project. I will discuss the options with you and explain the expected savings.