Pricing Information

Please contact me by phone or email for a project estimate.


Every project is different, and I estimate each one individually for my clients. Contact me to discuss what kind of photography you need and how the photographs will be used. I’ll send an estimate right over to you.

Three factors determine my pricing. They are:


Production Costs

Depending on the project, production costs may include special equipment, assistants, cost of permits, catering, travel expenses, and other costs. For many projects the production cost is essentially $0, while for other projects the production costs could be very large. It all depends on the requirements and scope of the project.

Creative Fee/Photographer's Fee

The creative fee is the amount I charge for my photography services and includes on-site photography, pre- and post-production, and overhead.


My creative fee covers licensing for the most common uses, such as web, social media, competition entry, and print marketing. Depending on how the photographs will be used, I may charge additional licensing fees, for example, for paid advertisement use. Editorial use in magazines and other publications also requires additional licensing, but the publication is responsible for the fees in those cases since they are the party using and benefiting from the photography.


These three factors determine the project estimate I provide you. Depending on the type of project, two of these factors or all three may be combined into one item. I try to keep it as simple as possible for you. My estimates and invoices are itemized, so you can see exactly where your money is going. To get an estimate for your project, please contact me. Thanks!