Savidan Gallery Exhibition

I am honored to announce the opening of my first gallery exhibition at Savidan Gallery located at Faciliteq’s showroom in downtown Las Vegas, NV. I’m really excited about this opportunity to share some of my work with the larger design community in Las Vegas.

My exhibition features photographs of the architecture and design of downtown Las Vegas, but it’s not what you might think. I don’t have photographs of the casinos or Fremont Street on display. Instead, these are photographs that show Las Vegas as a living, working city.

For example, featured among my photographs are the Las Vegas City Hall, the World Market Center, the Smith Center, and several residential and commercial buildings. These are the structures of government, culture, life, and work that make Las Vegas a real city beyond its facade of casinos and entertainment.

Inside the Savidan Gallery at Faciliteq on 3rd Street in Las Vegas, NV

This work is part of my ongoing project to capture the environment and life of downtown Las Vegas.

Inside the Savidan Gallery at Faciliteq on 3rd Street in Las Vegas, NV

At the opening reception last night, I said I wanted to thank the architects and designers who continue to build Las Vegas because without them, none of my work would be possible. Not only do architects and designers create the subject matter I love to photograph, they also serve as my inspiration.

I tried to make my photographs fit right in with the scenery outside.

If you’re in Las Vegas, stop by Faciliteq’s showroom on 3rd Street. They have a beautiful gallery, and I’m proud and honored to be showing my work in it.

Savidan Gallery at Faciliteq, Las Vegas, NV